Secrets to Writing a Great Memoir

Jule Kucera’s first book, a memoir, is also a love letter somewhat along the lines of “The Notebook.”  Jule is a not a career writer, but she does write as part of her job. She knocks it out of the publishing park with this first effort. I don’t know that she read a zillion articles […]


The Problem with Expectations

The problem with expectations is not that they’re unrealistic, or crazy or impossible. The problem with expectations is that they’re rarely expressed. Not expressing our expectations is one thing if there’s no one else involved in getting them met. But if we expect to get the project we want, the gifts, attention, help, answers and […]


How to Write a Book in 5 Easy Steps

It’s almost always the first thing people tell me when they find out I’m a writer: “I’ve always wanted to write a book.” If not that, then: “I started a book, but just haven’t had time to finish it.” If they’ve started a book, invariably, they’ve managed to wring out three chapters before they “get […]

Scope Creep

If you’re a creative type, or actually anyone on the end of a job you’re being paid a fixed fee to do, scope creep is about as annoying, frustrating or unprofessional as your client can get. It’s like kudzu. You see it growing, but put off doing anything about it until one day your entire […]


5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Paperback Book

As much as the media and the tech industry would like us to think everyone owns an iPad, a tablet, a laptop or a Kindle or other kind of reader, the fact is, more than two-thirds of us don’t. And even if we do, the paperback book or booklet is a long way from going […]


What’s a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who writes your articles, blogs or books and lets you take the credit for the content! I know. In school that was called plagiarizing. Once you’re not in school anymore, it’s called ghostwriting and it’s perfectly ethical and legal. Why do people hire ghostwriters? Most people hire ghostwriters for the […]



Hours 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Because I accommodate clients from around the world (at odd hours), my work hours are a little unusual. If I’m speaking with clients at 3 a.m. EST I may not be at my best at 7 a.m. EST. I have west coast clients who need to […]

Welcome to BookyBiz

BookyBiz is a work in progress. After being hacked recently I took the advice of a good geeky friend and tossed everything and stared over. So, over the next month you’ll see all new content and a new theme. Bear with me, good things are coming!