How It Works

The idea of using a ghostwriter is novel to most people. The truth is, it varies from ghost to ghost. How I work isn’t like someone else works. So clarify the process with each ghostwriter you contact. The basic progression is the same, but we all have different styles, needs and expectations.  I’ve created this page to explain my process. If I’m not as clear as I could be on something here, email me or set up a time to call with your questions. My first 30 minutes of consulting are free.

First Step — Contact: You want something written: ebook, book, article, blog post or webcopy, advertising, landing page. You want to hire someone to write it for you, OR to tweak or improve on your idea. Collect your thoughts, idea and material, then contact me via email.

Second Step — Talk: We’ll set up a time to talk for 30 minutes. I’ll ask you some questions (see below) and you’ll ask me some questions. If what you need done is something I do and you think you’d like me to work on your project I’ll send you a proposal that outlines what you’ll provide and what I will deliver and do for you and the price at which I’ll charge to do it and the time frame it will take to do it in.

Third Step — Agreement: Once we’ve agreed on the time frame, cost and milestones, deposit etc. I’ll send you a short written agreement with the dates and details for you to sign and return with your non-refundable deposit. Once I’ve received the deposit I’ll begin work on your project.


Basic Questions:

  1. What is your budget? This helps me tailor my options and suggestions.
  2. What is your time frame on this project? Do you need it/want it today, this week, in a few months?
  3. How much material do you already have? It’s less expensive if you’ve done a lot of the work already and just need someone to tweak, improve, edit and polish. I work from scratch too, but for those on a tight budget, this is one way to save money!
  4. How much research have you done? When I start from scratch things take more time. Depending on how much more time I’ll need I may or may not be able to work with you immediately. For instance, a long-term client needed me to attend (at his expense) a conference in North Carolina. Three days at the conference, two days travel and a week to pull the project together meant I’d be unable to work on other projects that month. I had to turn it down. I was however able to create the brochures and collateral material he needed for the conference. Timing is everything. If you have a big time intensive project contact me as early as possible so I can block off the time.
  5. What is this for? Is this for an existing website or project, or something totally new?
  6. What do you want this book/ebook/brochure/website/article etc. to do for you?
  7. Do you have a marketing plan? You don’t need to have one, but it’s helpful for me to know
  8. What questions do you have for me?
  9.  How accessible are you? Will I be able to work with you directly or with someone else?

As we speak other questions will come up. My primary intentions are your satisfaction and approval, but I’m also looking at my existing schedule and my commitments to other clients.


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