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BookyBiz is a sole proprietorship, but over the years I’ve worked with some amazing people — graphic designers, writers, marketers and tech types who do wonders with WordPress sites and more. I’m often asked for referrals so I just quit responding to those requests and started posting names and links to those companies and individuals I think do a great job at what they do. While I do layout, graphics and some photography, I like to focus on ghostwriting. I’ve spent time as a Graphic Communications Specialist for a large government agency, and have worked as a graphic artist for a small ad agency and a print shop as well.  So I can do it all, but it’s not always efficient or expedient to do so on larger jobs. If you check my portfolio you’ll see examples of my work, as well as the work of several other (better) illustrators, designers and artists.

To learn more about each person on my team, simply check the drop-down menu. Thanks!

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