What’s a Ghostwriter?


A ghostwriter is a person who writes your articles, blogs or books and lets you take the credit for the content! I know. In school that was called plagiarizing. Once you’re not in school anymore, it’s called ghostwriting and it’s perfectly ethical and legal.

Why do people hire ghostwriters?

Most people hire ghostwriters for the same reason they hire any professional — they don’t have the time, talents, skillset or tools to do the job themselves. I, for instance, have almost all the woodworking tools I need to build most of the projects I want to build.

Yet, about 75% of the time when I need furniture custom made (desk or bookshelf etc. to fit a certain niche) I either hire someone to build it for me and tell them what the size is and let them come up with a solution, or I give them my design and ask them to build what I’ve envisioned.

When I have time I enjoy making my own furniture and bookcases, but none of them can hold a candle to a professional cabinet maker’s skills!  When people have an idea, a story or a concept they do the same thing. They come to me with their vision, or they say, “This is what I want, go with it!”

I’ve written for many people who are excellent writers and don’t need a ghost writer. They just don’t have the time to write it themselves. They give me a concept or outline and trust me to create what they envision.

The majority of my clients hire me as a collaborator — someone who will work with them to create, polish and focus their writing. Some can write, many can’t. What matters is the concept, the idea. They find working with someone they can bounce ideas off of increases their creativity.

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